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7" Divided Heavy Steam Roller - Smokes Pros

7" Divided Heavy Steam Roller


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Definitely not for beginners, steamroller pipes give you huge, powerful hits! Some have compared smoking from a steamroller pipe to taking a dry hit from a bong, without any water filtration to smooth and cool the smoke. Devotees cite its strong, harsh hit as part of its appeal.

åÊSteamrollers pipes get their name based on their resemblance to the pipe on the wheel of a steamroller train. The shape is based on the calumet pipes traditionally used by Native Americans in ceremonial gatherings.

Steamroller pipes are available in a variety of sizes, but each one features a large bowl on the cylinder and is open at both ends. The pipe is used by lighting the material in the bowl and using your hand to cover the end of the pipe while pulling from the other end. Once the tube fills with smoke, remove your hand from the end to allow in a rush of air as you inhale.

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